Motive for councils

Councils exist for a specific purpose: to help pastors by bringing the wisdom of the community to bear on a topic.

The motive for councils is the Church's mission.  Councils assist that mission by planning wisely -- that is, by studying some aspect of the Church's situation and by recommending wise decisions in light of it.

Councils assist the Church's mission by helping to plan wisely and strengthen the community.

The work of the council presupposes the local Christian community.  Councillors aim to build up that community, to continue what it has begun, and to achieve its mission.

Knowledge of the community is more important for councillors than any technical expertise.  When pastors need expertise, they can hire experts.  But when they need to know what is appropriate to do in a changing situation, knowledge of the community is essential.  For more, click on a link below:

  • Communion first.  Concern for the Church’s mission should not endanger the communion of the people of God.
  • Not a democracy? Important issues need not be decided simply by popular vote.
  • Consultative-only? Councils have a consultative vote only, but that need not trivialize their work.
  • Appreciative leadership.  Good pastors appreciate the faith that unites councillors.
  • Competence.  Councils need to have more common sense than technical exertise.