Four Ways

Four WaysFour Ways to Build More Effective Parish Councils: A Pastoral Approach

Edited by Mark F. Fischer and Mary Margaret Raley

215 pages. $19.95. Mystic, Connecticut: 2002

Practical ideas from members of the Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development! This book will help you get the most benefit from your pastoral planning efforts. It is a hands-on, must-have resource for pastors, parish councils, and staff.

Part I: Understanding the Job

  • Working Together to Build an Effective Parish (Mark F. Fischer)
  • A Spirituality for Councils (Loughlan Sofield)

Part II: Involving the Right People

  • Involving the Right People (Marian Schwab)
  • Pastoral Planning: Involving the Whole Community (George Wilson)

Part III: Doing the Research

  • Appreciative Inquiry (David DeLambo and Richard Krivanka)
  • Demographic Information as an Aid to Parish Planning (George Cobb)

Part IV: Planning for the Future

  • Planning: Idol or Icon of Pastoral Councils? (John Flaherty)
  • How Do We Get There from Here? (Mary Margaret Raley)
  • Sharing More than a Pastor (Mary Montgomery)
  • The Culturally Integrated Council (Mark Fischer & Maria Elena Uribe)