Parish Management HandbookThe Parish Management Handbook

Charles E. Zech, Editor

215 pages. $24.95. Mystic, Connecticut: 2003


The Church is not a business, but the better it manages questions about income, expenses, employees, and the law, the better it can fulfill its mission.

  1. The Donatist Controversy and a Local Theology of Church Management (Mark F. Fischer)
  2. Pastoral Councils and Parish Management (Mark F. Fischer)
  3. Parish Identity: The Sum of Choices Made; Decision Making: A Gospel Challenge (Janet Baker, RSM)
  4. Enhancing and Supporting the People Who Work in Parishes (Robert Miller)
  5. Parish Administration and Civil Law (Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SNC, JD, PhD)
  6. The Consequences of Pastoral Leadership (Michael Cieslak)
  7. Developing Stewards in a Parish Setting (Charles E. Zech)
  8. Conciliation: Transforming Conflict through Faith (Ed Gaffney and Terri Sortor)
  9. Parish Information Systems — Resources for Ministry (Francis Kelly Scheets, OSC, PhD)