The book reflects on the councillors' search for wisdom.

The Prayerbook for Parish Councillors, available from Amazon, expresses in prayer the ministry of pastoral councils — the ministry of serving the parish through study, reflection, and planning.  In 30 brief reflections, the book invites councillors to consider the actual challenges they face — looking to the community’s future, being realistic, and discerning how best to act.

The challenges are combined with a spirituality of thanksgiving.  Councillors are invited to get in touch with the reality of the parish, to respond to the pastor’s questions, and to to be grateful for the opportunity to serve by investigating, reflecting and recommending.

Mark F. Fischer has published many essays and books on pastoral councils, and approaches the topic of council prayer with insight and imagination.  He expresses the situation of the pastoral council member with a practical knowledge of church consultation.

Published in 2010 by Twenty-Third Publications in Connecticut, the booklet is part of the “Our Parish at Prayer” series and can be ordered in quantities at a discount.