Pastors consult their pastoral councils in order to learn from them, and parishioners are motivated by a desire to serve. In the parish, they have found an expression of their faith, and their work as councillors builds upon that faith and strengthens it.

In a good consultation, pastors seek the wisdom of members and the members put their gifts at the service of the Church.

Pastors seek the wisdom of members who put their gifts at the service of the Church.

Councils are representative in that they make present the wisdom of the parish. They seek what is prudent, not just in every time and place, but in the parish’s particular situation.

In contrast to the parish staff’s expertise in administration, education, or liturgy, the pastoral council seeks practical wisdom about how best to serve the community.

To learn more about the history of consultation, see below.

  • Motive for councils. PPCs serve the apostolate of the pastor by reflecting in faith on parish issues.
  • Historical lessons. Consulting wise people is an ancient practice that can benefit the Christian church today.
  • Council and staff. Even pastors with good parish staffs consult councils because they seek practical wisdom.

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