PPCs Today

Parish Pastoral Councils are a success in the USA, where they exist in three-quarters of  18,000 Catholic parishes. To learn more about PPCs, how the U.S. bishops support them, and what diocesan guidelines for councils have to say about them, select a topic below:

Pastoral planning describes the council's work of investigating, considering, and recommending conclusions.

Pastoral planning is the work of investigating, considering, and recommending conclusions.

  • Councils in the USA. Since the 1970s and 1980s, the number of councils in the USA has grown tremendously. Click here to discover why councils have been successful, what their mission is, and how they differ from one region to another.
  • Starting a Council? Click here to learn how to create a council foundation document, to understand how councils help pastors, and to see sample parish mission statements.
  • Inculturating Councils. Pastoral Councils adapt themselves to the culture of the Christian community, whether the culture is Mexican-American, Navajo, or Alaskan.

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