Councils in the USA

Parish Pastoral Councils are successes in the USA because bishops and priests benefit when their people study the local situation, reflect on it, and recommend concrete solutions to real problems.

parish council 2

The growth of PPCs reflects the desire of people to participate and the support of bishops.

Bishops support councils by encouraging priests to establish them, by publishing guidelines, and by assigning diocesan staff members to support pastoral planning.

  • Successes.  Councils are a success because Catholics have grasped the nature of consultation.
  • Mission.  With a clear mission, councils can be well led and councillors use their time well.
  • Guidelines.  Most dioceses publish guidelines for councils.  Does yours?
  • Tasks.  What do the guidelines say that parish pastoral councils ought to do?
  • Models.  The council of ministries, the comprehensive planning body, and the pastoral instrument are popular types of pastoral councils.
  • Regional Differences.  How do councils differ throughout the USA?