Recruiting Pastoral Council Members

From Maggie Goorsky, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Santa Clarita, CA (12.14.11)

One year ago, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Santa Clarita was starting a pastoral council.  One year later we are addressing the question of who should continue to be on the council and how do we recruit new members. In the beginning, our pastor simply invited each of us to join the council.  But now we are looking towards the future.  Is there a better way to ensure that the council members are the best suited for the position?  I did call a couple of parishes in the area and they all just do their own thing which has worked for them over the years.  But I thought you might have some ideas for us as we discuss this at our next meeting.  I looked at your website and did not see information about this but I may have missed it so please direct me if the information is there.

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