Pastors preside at the meetings of pastoral councils. Good presiding means knowing how to consult, what to consult about, and how to lead. This requires the development of a meeting agenda so councillors can prepare for the meeting in advance and participate in an orderly way.

Discussion circle

In a well-managed council, pastors invite councillors to share the mission of planning.

Pastors may consult about specific issues, or they may ask a very general question about the needs or mission of the parish.

Although pastors preside, councillors may serve as chairpersons and facilitators, especially if they are good at helping the flow of discussion and the achievement of consensus. The goal is to help councillors make present the wisdom of the community.

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  • The pastor’s role. Pastors ask councils to study, reflect, and recommend their conclusions so that they can be better leaders.
  • Leading the council. The pastor presides, but members of the council can chair the meetings.
  • How councils work. Councils plan but, strictly speaking, do not implement. When they implement, they work as parish volunteers, not as councillors per se.

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