Propositions 1987

DPC LogoSmallSynod Propositions, 1987

Synod of Bishops (1987), “Synod 1987: The Synod Propositions,” Origins 17:29 (Dec. 31, 1987): 499-509.

“The church has its full presence in any place under the form of a diocese. Therefore, the use of consultation and collaboration and — in keeping with the subject matter — the principle of decision making will be promoted in a more eminent way by the creation of a diocesan pastoral council, with lay participation, and by appropriate recourse to it. . . . .

“It is in the parish that most Catholics learn that they have been constituted as church (or a portion of the church) and that, at the same time, they experience how to form the church. The collaboration of clergy and men and women religious as well as laity is needed to achieve this. This collaboration requires the consultation of the laity to determine the pastoral needs and aspirations of the community. A more fitting way to reach this goal is the establishment of a pastoral council in which all can take part, whatever their age or condition.” (proposition 10, p. 502)