Purpose of Councils

The main work of the council is pastoral planning, but many councils mistakenly think that the job is to coordinate a system of committees.  To learn more about the purpose, click on one of the links below:

Under the pastor's direction, PPCs study some aspect of the parish reality, consider it thoroughly, and recommend their conclusions.

Pastors invite the PPC to study the parish, reflect, and recommend its conclusions.

  • Standing committees.  Should pastoral councils spend their time coordinating them?
  • Democratic councils.  They share responsibility, grow in wisdom, and benefit pastors.
  • Finance councils.  The financial tail should not wag the pastoral dog.
  • Parish budgets.  Pastors usually consult the Finance Council when making budgets, but the pastoral council should understand the budget process.
  • Council of ministries.  It takes time and expertise to coordinate ministries and committees.