Healey, Thomas J

Thomas J. Healey is Treasurer of the National Leadership Roundtable.

Thomas J. Healey, who wrote the “Preface” to A Pastor’s Toolbox is treasurer of the National Leadership Roundtable.  “The idea for this handbook came to me like a bolt out of the blue,” he explained.  The book serves as a resource for the “Toolbox for Pastoral Management” initiative, which began in 2009.  A joint product of the Roundtable and Seton Hall University, the initiative “is now an established program, offering multiple seminars at locations across the country” (p. vii).

The “Toolbox for Pastoral Management” initiative aims to improve pastors’ skills in administration, finance, and human resources management.  “Many of the wide-ranging seminar modules were edited or adapted” for A Pastor’s Toolbox, Healey wrote, and some chapters read like a transcript of remarks made to gatherings of priests.  But seminarians and lay ecclesial ministers can benefit from the book as well.  [Reviewed by Mark F. Fischer]

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