Parish Pastoral Councils study pastoral issues, reflect on them, and recommend conclusions. This threefold process may be called “pastoral planning.”

Consejo y cruz

Good meetings of the pastoral council depend on a clear purpose and deft leadership.

To plan in a effective way, pastors must be able to ask the questions relevant to their role as parish leaders, and councillors must have the freedom to do their work thoroughly.

The pastor consults because he wants to make prudent decisions. Councillors help plan because they want the parish to make wise choices that reflect the values of the gospel.

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  • The purpose of councils. The main work of the council is pastoral planning, but many councils mistakenly think that the job is to coordinate a system of committees.
  • The meaning of “pastoral.” Pastoral means that the council helps the pastor do his job by investigating, considering, and offering him their conclusions.
  • Councils and planning. The Vatican II “Decree on Bishops” set the agenda for the “pastoral” council.

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